Osho on ego

"Ego does not exist anywhere else except in human beings, and ego starts growing as the child grows. The parents, the schools, colleges, university, they all help to strengthen the ego for the simple reason that for centuries man had to struggle to survive and the idea has become a fixation, a deep unconscious conditioning, that only strong egos can survive in the struggle of life. Life has become just a struggle to survive. And scientists have made it even more convincing with the theory of the survival of the fittest. So we help every child to become more and more strong in the ego, and it is there that the problem arises. "

- Osho

Welcome to Peach Tree Psychological's blog


Welcome to Peach Tree Psychological's blog. Here you will find thoughts related to psychology and the mind in general. We will begin the journey with an excerpt from Dr. Ron Smothermon's 1980 book Winning Through Enlightenment:

"The purpose of the mind is to survive itself through the passage of time and to this end it will do almost anything. Sometimes, one thing ranks higher in importance within the mind, and that is to be right."